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Dokki Learn Pass gives you access to our training courses, tutorials, simulations, and podcasts catalog, specially crafted to meet the needs of companies and their employees… in a micro-learning format.

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Creating the culture of learning

Desktop and collaborative tools, well-being at work, remote management, cybersecurity for employees, first aid… here are some of the training sets that improve the productivity/safety of all, while respecting the each person’s rhythm of life.

Each month, Dokki Learn Pass is updated with new content that can be specialized, such as creating communication tools with ‘no code’ socially engaged, promoting good practices for sustainable development in business or inspiring, on various topical subjects.

our little extras...

We can digitalize your training if you need custom, tailor-made solutions.

If you want to add a new collection to Dokki Learning Pass, feel free to contact us, our catalog and roadmap evolve every quarter.

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